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  Fourth Conference of the EJPA on September 26th, 2011  

The EJPA organises on September 26th, 2011, in Paris, in partnership with the French Ministry of Justice and the French National School for the Judiciary , its fourth conference dedicated to

The European Justice Criminal Area:
Achievements and Perspectives after the Entry into Force of the Lisbon Treaty and the Adoption of the Stockholm Program

This conference will take place in salle Lamartine, 101 rue de l'Université, 75007 PARIS.

Registration before September 5th, 2011
(e-mail mentioned on the program)

ID card necessary to get in the conference venue.

Forward the program below.

Télécharger le document: programme_espace_judiciaire_anglais.pdf

  3rd conference of AMUE, Paris Monday May, 25, 2009  

Creating an Area of Criminal Justice in the European Union : Progress and ambitions for judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Registration closed

Entry upon presentation of an identity card

Télécharger le document: programme.pdf

  Information / Membership  

Renseignements / adhésions /inscription à l'Association des Magistrats de l'Union Européenne :  adressez nous votre demande en inscrivant vos noms et prénoms/ nationalité/ juridiction/fonction et e-mail à : magistratsUE@gmail.com


We wish to thank the French National Judiciary School and the French Ministry of Justice for their financial support, which has allowed us to design our website.


L'AMUE organise des colloques et conférences. Ainsi, nous avons organisé les 29 et 30 septembre 2005 un colloque à l'antenne parisienne de l'Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, sur le thème de " l'Espace judiciaire européen ". Le public nombreux a pu apprécier notamment les interventions de Robert Badinter, ancien Garde des sceaux, de Jean-Marie Huet, Directeur des affaires criminelles et des grâces, de Bruno Sturlese, Chef du SAEI, d'Olivier de Baynast, Procureur Général près la Cour d'appel d'Amiens et de Gilles Charbonnier, Secrétaire général du réseau européen de formation judiciaire.
Davantage de renseignements sur les colloques en cliquant sur l'onglet "Colloques".

  A monthly online Newspaper  

Two editors, Stephen Almaseanu, investigating magistrate in Strasbourg, and Philippe Bruey, prosecutor in Aix-en-Provence, are in charge of publishing a monthly online newspaper about the European judicial system, entitled "La Lettre des magistrats de l'Union Européenne".
You can read all the published issues by clicking on "Newspaper" (http://www.amue-ejpa.org/journal.php).

  Training courses  

The EJPA means to improve the mutual knowledge of our judiciary systems, in order to make judiciary cooperation between European countries come true on a daily basis. That is why the association keeps a list of all training courses that can be done abroad. More than ten members have been able to go abroad and go on such a training last year.

  A truly Europe-minded association  

The EJPA wants to make its members communicate together, using a chatting list. A Justice Phone Book was also created, allowing our members to find out and communicate with any other European judge or prosecutor (spoken languages are mentioned on the book ). The EJPA tries to promote the European Judiciary Area by taking part in different events, such as the creation and updating of law files related to all the members of the European Union, in partnership with the French National Judiciary School.

  Judges and Prosecutors from 9 different European countries and from no less than eighty French Courts  

The European Judges and Prosecutors Association was created in March 2004 by trainee judges and prosecutors from the French National Judiciary School.
The project has been supported from the very beginning by Gilbert Azibert, former director of the School from 2002 to 2005, and Yves-Pierre Le Roux, former Professor at the School from 1996 to 2005.
The association gathers members (judges, trainee judges and prosecutors) from nine different European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania). In France, our members come from no less than eighty different Courts.

  Welcome to the European Judges and Prosecutors Association's website !  

The European Judges and Prosecutors Association (EJPA) aims at :
- gathering together judges, prosecutors and citizens from the European Union and from countries who have applied to EU membership, interested in matters of judicial cooperation ;
- improving the mutual knowledge of our judiciary systems.

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